Super photo editing skills

Retouching is not black magic – you will be able to learn all the tricks that I use during my work, just over a few hours.

For perfect results, you will need some practicing at home, but the basics are easy to master in such a short time span.

During the retouch course you will be able to take the challenge of quite a few photo editing tasks:

    • Setting the brightness of the picture and the saturation of colours
    • Smoothening the skin, getting rid of wrinkles, brightening the surroundings of the eye, getting rid of acne, hiding the jowl, whitening the teeth
    • How to create bright, glistening and sharp eyes
    • How to create unique tones and settings
    • Converting different steps of editing into one, improving work efficiency
    • Editing hundreds of pictures with one click
    • Optimising pictures for the web, printing;

The Elkapott Pillanatok Studio private photo retouch course curriculum provides profound but practical knowledge at the same time. You will be able to use the acquired skills during your retouch or photo editing tasks.

The course lasts about 4 hours – you will be able to get to know the most important functions and settings of the photo editing software you use, and their effects on your pictures.

The main subject of the class is to learn to use Photoshop, but we will talk about photographing techniques as well.  Your photographing skills and the settings of your camera will fundamentally affect the pictures you take. So the workshop will help you with taking and not just editing pictures. To master both is the way to perfect your photography.


 újszülött fotózás retusálás

What will you learn?

During the retouch course you will familiarise with the main concepts of picture editing, the process and the essential functions of the software:

-          Using the histogram

-          White balance

-          Exposition

-          Lights

-          Shadows

-          Whites

-          Blacks

-          Brightness

-          Dynamic colours

-          Saturation

You will be able to learn techniques such as fading skin colour, improving colours and tones, adding contrast, sharpening, cutting, using filters. We will turn colour pictures into stunning black and whites. Everything that you might need to take or make astonishing pictures!

The course takes place in my studio located in Zugló. The main advantage of the individual course is that I can always adapt to your pace and answer your questions. I practice what I preach and like to demonstrate practical knowledge: you will edit your own pictures during the course on your laptop, so you can put the learnt skills to use right away.

újszülött fotózás retusálás

I hope you are ready for your pictures to go through some radical change!

I provide:

- Friendly atmosphere in my studio located in Zugló
- Convenient work environment
- Laptop or tablet connectivity
- Printed course materials
- Notepads and pens
- Refreshments

Please bring:

- Your laptop or tablet with your own digital pictures and photo editing software
- Your curiosity and eagerness to learn!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert who would like to perfect their knowledge: during the private photo retouch course you will get the practical and active skills that you will need to edit and retouch pictures. 


babafotózás retusálás


Important information about the private retouch course:

  • Time:
    • On a booked appointment, during weekdays, approximately 4-5 hours long – several days of online after-care and picture analysis. 
  • Location
    My studio is located in the 14th district, at Mexikói út 50.
  • Price
    • 1 session of private retouch course + picture analysis afterwards: 45.000 Ft;
  • Extras
    • Complimentary montage and greeting card patterns;
    • Unique ideas in the field of photography;
    • Essential Photoshop plug-ins for baby photography as a gift

What’s the next step?

Call me on +36 30 456 8182 or send an e-mail to!